What to Expect - Pure Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses
21/03/2019 · Joe Brown
Thinking of booking a climbing course with us? Let’s see what a typical day out in The Peak District involves…
‘I’ve led Flying Buttress so Why bother with my RCI?’
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
The other lads had not been climbing for long and it was pretty terrifying watching them lead, place gear and rig belays at first - which is why they'd booked a course I suppose! 
A Peak District Trad Rack
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
Worry no more and allow us to help with our simple guide to assembling your first trad rack
Choosing a Rope
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
The Devil's Arse as it is known locally is largest natural cave entrance in Britain. Quite large, yes. But what has this to do with choosing a climbing rope you may wonder?
Mountain Hardwear Hydra Pro and Hydra Lite Glove
16/03/2019 · Neil Warren
Now I have had a winter season in the Pro, and an autumn in the Lite, I am pleased to say I was right. These really are as good as it gets for me glove wise, and I have tried a few!
Navigation Skills | Aspect of Slope
20/05/2019 · Stephen Barker
One of the trickier elements of navigation to teach is relocation, or how to find yourself when lost.
Kilian Jornet - How To Set An Everest Speed Record
30/05/2019 · Jeremy Windsor
“I think summiting Everest twice in one week without oxygen opens up a new realm of possibilities in alpinism...” - Killian Jornet
What to Wear on Caving Trips
08/07/2019 · Stephen Barker
Our caving courses are popular all year – and why not? It’s a steady 8°c – 12°c underground, it never rains and we're blessed with wonderful caves providing endless possibilities.
What is #pureINSPIRED?
24/09/2019 · Guy Wilson
pureINSPIRED is a concept that we are working on that gets the Pure Outdoor team out and about, doing exciting things and showcasing the reason why we exist - to share our adventures.
Peak District Rock Climbing - Whatever the weather
07/10/2019 · Gavin Moy
The weather doesn't always work in our favour and a days climbing can easily be spoiled by too much rain, wind or even (occasionally!) sun!
pureINSPIRED | 100 Stars at Stanage
18/10/2019 · Oli Lewis
"Tomorrow, the office is closed. We're bagging 100 stars on Stanage"
pureINSPIRED #2 : Building a climbing wall
27/11/2019 · Guy Wilson
Sometimes adventures happen closer to home.... this month - we build a climbing wall.
pureINSPIRED #3 : Keeping up with Keela the Trail Dog
31/12/2019 · Guy Wilson
Business meetings done properly, with Pete and Keela the Trail Dog. For pureINSPIRED #3 we're showcasing how close we are to amazing transport links and showing off the amazing Peak District trails!