What to Expect - Pure Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses
21/03/2019 · Joe Brown
Thinking of booking a climbing course with us? Let’s see what a typical day out in The Peak District involves…
‘I’ve led Flying Buttress so Why bother with my RCI?’
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
The other lads had not been climbing for long and it was pretty terrifying watching them lead, place gear and rig belays at first - which is why they'd booked a course I suppose! 
A Peak District Trad Rack
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
Worry no more and allow us to help with our simple guide to assembling your first trad rack
Choosing a Rope
16/03/2019 · Joe Brown
The Devil's Arse as it is known locally is largest natural cave entrance in Britain. Quite large, yes. But what has this to do with choosing a climbing rope you may wonder?
Mountain Hardwear Hydra Pro and Hydra Lite Glove
16/03/2019 · Neil Warren
Now I have had a winter season in the Pro, and an autumn in the Lite, I am pleased to say I was right. These really are as good as it gets for me glove wise, and I have tried a few!
Navigation Skills | Aspect of Slope
20/05/2019 · Stephen Barker
One of the trickier elements of navigation to teach is relocation, or how to find yourself when lost.
Kilian Jornet - How To Set An Everest Speed Record
30/05/2019 · Jeremy Windsor
“I think summiting Everest twice in one week without oxygen opens up a new realm of possibilities in alpinism...” - Killian Jornet
What to Wear on Caving Trips
08/07/2019 · Stephen Barker
Our caving courses are popular all year – and why not? It’s a steady 8°c – 12°c underground, it never rains and we're blessed with wonderful caves providing endless possibilities.
What is #pureINSPIRED?
24/09/2019 · Guy Wilson
pureINSPIRED is a concept that we are working on that gets the Pure Outdoor team out and about, doing exciting things and showcasing the reason why we exist - to share our adventures.
Peak District Rock Climbing - Whatever the weather
07/10/2019 · Gavin Moy
The weather doesn't always work in our favour and a days climbing can easily be spoiled by too much rain, wind or even (occasionally!) sun!
pureINSPIRED | 100 Stars at Stanage
18/10/2019 · Oli Lewis
"Tomorrow, the office is closed. We're bagging 100 stars on Stanage"
pureINSPIRED #2 : Building a climbing wall
27/11/2019 · Guy Wilson
Sometimes adventures happen closer to home.... this month - we build a climbing wall.
pureINSPIRED #3 : Keeping up with Keela the Trail Dog
31/12/2019 · Guy Wilson
Business meetings done properly, with Pete and Keela the Trail Dog. For pureINSPIRED #3 we're showcasing how close we are to amazing transport links and showing off the amazing Peak District trails!
WIN a Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket worth over £150
08/02/2020 · Guy Wilson
Win a Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket worth £150
3 Epic Caving Adventures in the Peak District
08/02/2020 · Stephen Barker
Though still a niche sport, caving offers huge variety, on the one hand combining the best of climbing, scrambling, canyoning and abseiling, on the other interest, discovery and learning.
Top 5 Tips for your first Mountain Bike Adventure
26/02/2020 · Pete McNeil
It's super important to correct all of those bad habits we've picked up pulling skids in car parks with our mates. So in order to help get you started, here’s my 5 Top Tips for Beginners
Visit Peak District GOLD Award | Experience of the Year 2020
08/03/2020 · Guy Wilson
We're pleased to announce that we won the Gold Award for the Experience of the Year 2020 in the Visit Peak District Experience of the Year awards
Moorland Navigation
15/03/2020 · Stephen Barker
"It's back that way," said one, pointing in to the cloud. "No, we came from that way…didn't we?" replied another.
Covid 19 | Relaxed Terms and Conditions
16/03/2020 · Guy Wilson
We're responding to the current Covid-19 crisis by relaxing our terms and conditions to give you peace of mind
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update
20/03/2020 · Guy Wilson
Pure Outdoor Ltd (COVID-19) Position Statement: 20th March 2020.
Business Lessons from the Mountains
31/03/2020 · Guy Wilson
“There are old climbers and there are bold climbers, there are no old, bold climbers”