Corporate Packages

Activities, accommodation, dining and meeting space in the Peak District with great transport links

We provide comprehensive corporate packages that seamlessly blend engaging outdoor team-building activities with comfortable accommodation and well equipped meeting facilities. Partnering with the Bike and Boot hotel for lodging combined with our award winning outdoor activity provision, Pure Outdoor ensures an unforgettable experience for corporate groups.


A typical package: 

Groups package events however they feel fit, whether that's arriving one afternoon and having a strategy meeting in our training centre, before retiring to the Bike and Boot hotel and onto an outdoor activity with us the following day, or some choose to do multiple days and activities, bolting activities either side of meetings.


Transport Links: 

Arrive at Bamford Station, the Hope Valley line connecting Manchester to Sheffield. Meet at our training centre, The Adventure Hub in Bamford.


Modular Packages:

We have a range of activities that we can deliver for your team, many of these are dependent on group size, aspirations and goals, our popular Burbage Valley Challenge is shown below and works well with groups size from 8 to 24.


Example: Burbage Valley Challenge

"Step into the Burbage Valley Challenge, a thrilling team-building adventure that seamlessly integrates mental and physical tasks through our 'challenge by choice' philosophy. This event provides a unique opportunity to uncover leadership qualities within your team, allowing individuals to shine in a collaborative setting.


The central challenge? Build a bridge to cross Burbage Brook, utilizing materials earned by successfully completing various tasks. Teams navigate through a series of decisions, from choosing the type of bridge to determining which materials to acquire. Along the way, there's a chance for splitting up tasks, effective delegation, and leveraging each participant's strengths. The journey involves a mix of decision-making, mental challenges, and physical adventures, making it an engaging and dynamic experience for everyone involved. The Burbage Valley Challenge isn't just about crossing a brook – it's about teamwork, strategy, and embracing the journey together."



8-12 people: £995 

Up to 13- 18 people: £1445

Up to 19-24 people: £1895

All prices subject to vat at 20%.


Accommodation & Dining

The Bike and Boot Hotel, where adventure meets comfort in the breathtaking Peak District. Gear up for an exhilarating stay as we cater to outdoor enthusiasts & dog owners - pedal your way through picturesque trails, then kick back in our cozy and stylish rooms. Fuel up with hearty meals and refreshing drinks at our on-site Bareca. Get ready to explore, unwind, and create unforgettable memories at Bike & Boot, your ultimate Peak District hub.

> 2 minute drive from Pure Outdoor HQ.

> We have exclusive and preferential rates with Bike and Boot and would be happy to book this in for you or pass on promotion codes for your booking team.


Meeting Facilities: 

At our training centre, The Adventure Hub we have 3 meeting rooms with projectors and an excellent wifi connection. Rooms are sized between 6 people and approximately 30. This facility can be added on to the package.


Extra Additions

Add on lunch catering from £15 per person

Looking to have a meeting as part of your event? Add a meeting room from £50 per 1/2 day


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