Safety Policy

As per our mission statement, we are in business to inspire and educate. As part of that process, we educate our clients to the risks involved and make them aware of the processes we use to manage risk. However, it is also important to understand that we can’t remove all risk to clients, instructors or people around us.


First and foecmost, all of our staff are employed on the basis that they are experts in their field, have excellent local knowledge, are passionate and enthusiastic outdoor activists themselves and know their game inside out! All of our staff hold the relevant national qualification or hold an equivalent qualification. Alternatively, they may have received in-house training or be competent through experience. Where we employ freelance staff we ensure that activities are run by holders of appropriate NGB awards.


As part of our ongoing CPD, we run an annual training programme for associate staff members. There is also a level of expectation that staff undertake their own CPD.


We hold Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. Our freelance instructors either hold individual Public Liability Insurance or, in some situations, are covered under our policy.


We ask clients (or parents/guardians booking for under 18’s) to consider whether the activities suit their needs, expectations and capabilities. It is also essential that participants actions conform to any safety guidance and that any distress caused during or resulting from the activity is drawn to the attention of the activity leader.



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