The Pure Outdoor Foundation

We're a team with a common goal, to inspire and educate about the environment.


“No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care about what they have never experiened”

David Attenborough


By stepping out into the Peak District National Park, it’s possible to experience our precious environment up close. Our purpose is to help protect the environment by enabling people to experience the natural world, leaving them caring about where they’ve been and wanting to take steps to protect it.


The Pure Outdoor Foundation offers courses, training and activities delivered by Pure Outdoor to help enable people access the outdoors who would not usually be able to. We feel the synergy between social and environmental gain means the organisation will have multiple benefits for society.


Pure Outdoor employees commit 5% of their work time on behalf of the Pure Outdoor Foundation, providing places on courses, tuition, guiding, mentoring and creating online learning content and material. 


Specific projects are the main focus of any fundraising activities and all fundraising activities are targeted to any of the projects at any given time. All projects will link back to the mission statement of the group. 




During the 2023/2024 season the Pure Outdoor Foundation has developed 3 areas.


  • Built a support network of 'Social Prescribing' organisations to offer our services to in order to provide training for organisations that help enable people to access the outdoors.
  • Worked with Framework in Sheffield to take people with complex needs climbing in the Peak District
  • Worked with CPRE Sheffield to develop an online 'Get Outdoors' programe which is designed to help give people an understanding of how to go about using the outdoors to improve physical and mental health.


We'll be further expanding these areas during 2024/2025



We've donated £11,406 worth of activities, training and courses to the Pure Outdoor Foundation. This will be delivered via a combination of Pure Outdoor Staff delivering grant funded activities and Pure Outdoor funding places on courses delivered via 3rd parties. 



We donated £5439 worth of activities, training and courses to the Pure Outdoor Foundation. This was issued as 'services in kind' donations to various beneficiaries.


Previous Projects :


To date in this 'Pledge Year' we have applied credit to the following value from the Pure Outdoor Pledge to the following activities: 


>The Pure Outdoor Building Leaders Grant:


The building leaders grant was an excellent process and we feel that we managed to support a great number of participants throughout the year. As much as we aspire to continue to support underrepresented groups in a variety of ways, the Pure Outdoor Foundation grant process will be changing during 2023/2024 so that we are working directly with organisations that we feel we can support in a way with greater impact. Please watch this space in the future in the event that we bring this scheme back.

> Grant Information PDF

> Elm Tree School: Additional Instructors provided to cover their school trip to ensure access to the outdoors for a group that had a trip cancelled by another provider.


> 1st Chapel Scout Group: Additional Instructors provided towards a climbing day to maximise the number of participants getting involved.


> "Climbing for Rough Sleepers" - Roundabout: Instructor days delivered towards 1:1 experiences to give people an opportunity.


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