A Force For Good

From Alpinism to Activism. It’s time to put ideas into action! We're exploring how we can use our business as a force for good as we examine the impact our business has on society, the environment and stakeholders.




We believe the best thing to do is to be transparent about what we're doing.  Our policies put into detail how we go about our daily life at Pure Outdoor and how we're committed to improving. Every decision will be led by these policies.


Initiatives and Goals:


Ideas to improve the current status quo, how we can use business as a force for good and how we can lead by example. Some of these are in place, some are to be developed. Any initiatives that we are planning on starting in the coming 12 months will be listed in the action plan within each policy, these are our annual goals.




We've researched, climbed, been on bike rides, talked, pondered, read more, been for a run and then researched a bit more, before going climbing again. We've been impressed by some of the quality content already available and we'll try to reference any inspiration we have had on the way with a link to the place we found it.

We're also leaving these documents here in the public domain, so you can read it, use it and improve it; please just put a link back to us and also tell us your improvements. We're here to develop and also make our industry move forward. It's for everyones benefit.


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