Emergency Adventure Rescue | Team Building

Use teamwork and ingenuity to locate, treat and rescue an injured adventurer in the heart of a mighty Peak District moor


A pulse rate is hard to find in the casualty but yours is racing. This is a time critical patient that needs to be in A&E now. Get your team and casualty across the crags and moors before it is too late. Climb, abseil and squeeze you way to safety and success. This is one for both the thinkers and the doers!

Emergency Adventure Rescue | Team Building

Price From : £79.00 per person

Location : Peak District

Duration : 1 day

Ratio : 1:1

Minimum age : 14

What's Included :
  • We provide all technical equipment including harness and helmet
  • Assistance with logistics for the day including sourcing fantastic local food
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • A sense of accomplishment

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  • Embrace the challenge, pressure and adrenaline
  • Test your teams cerebral power, teamwork and resolve in this exhilarating challenge
  • A great problem based journey in the beautiful Peak District

Course Overview

The day mixes real life rescue skills with team work, problem solving, pressure and challenge. Move out of your team's everyday environment, discover new skills and abilities and give everyone the opportunity to shine.

A short session aimed at learning some key rescue skills is delivered to groups in mini problem solving and activity based tasks. Collectively the team will be pre-loaded with enough information, skills and experience to tackle the main event.

"999, Whats the emergency?" - The call has come in, an ill fated hill goer has been reported missing but not much more is known. With limited information what plan will you devise how will you deploy your team? Response time is critical, you need to start moving now.

Additional reports come in matching the description. How will you react to the new information? What needs to change in your plan? How will your team search and locate them? Your team goes into overdrive as they race against the clock to find and stabilise the casualty.

Now for the extraction - It's a long way back to the ambulance and every second counts if the casualty is to stand a chance. This is not going to be a walk in the park. Will you get back before the emergency services are stood down?

A life is in your hands.

Course Outcomes

A team that has been challenged to overcome a novel situation requiring quick decision making with limited resources and conflicting pressures.

Course Information


9:30 - 16:30 (or times to suit your schedule)


We can meet at the Adventure Hub where your instructor will welcome you and discuss the aims of the course and you own aspirations over a great cup of fresh Italian coffee or tea. Alternatively If it suits your itinerary we can meet you at a predefined location at a time to suit you.


You will be sized up for helmets and harnesses. All you need to do is check your clothing is suitable for the conditions and that your rucksack is suitably packed with snacks and a drink.


Typically this is a 15 minute drive from The Adventure Hub. A short walk to the first activity will follow.


A short session aimed at learning some key rescue skills is delivered to groups in mini problem solving and activity based tasks. collectively the team will be pre-loaded with enough information, skills and experience to tackle the main event.


An emergency call comes in. Initially information is limited and you will need to plan your response based on the resources you have available to you. As the day progresses further information and additional challenges will come to light, you will need to adapt if you are going to safely retrieve the casualty in the time your have available.


An opportunity to evaluate your day, celebrate the successes and identify the challenges that were encountered throughout the activity.


Once we are finished and debriefed we will return to the vehicles and either return to The Adventure Hub for coffee or send you on your way to your next destination.

  • Clothing suited to the weather (waterproofs, warm tops, etc)
  • Sturdy, comfortable footwear (lightweight walking boots are ideal)
  • A small rucksack to carry equipment throughout the day
  • A good supply of snacks and a drink (we can arrange a packed lunch from a fantastic local deli if required)
  • Sun cream, hat and sunglasses (you just never know!)


  • Where possible we encourage car sharing as part of this course.
  • Our training centre, The Adventure Hub is Carbon Neutral
  • Staff are trained to prolong the life of equipment used on this course, where it is possible to recycle equipment at the end of it's life, we do so appropriately
  • We operate in small teams to reduce our impact on the local area and stakeholders of the venues we use
  • We donate the value of 5% of all sales to The Pure Outdoor Foundation
  • We're only a 5 minute walk from Bamford station and encourage the use of public transport and provide free camping kit for anyone looking at camping locally and looking to cut down on luggage


Start time: 09:30 - Finish time: 16:30. Please note, these times are approximate and could be subject to minor changes. Please leave plenty of time when booking public transport.

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