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£79.00 per person

Location: Adventure Hub · Peak District

Duration: 1 day

Ratio: 1:6

Prices include:

  • All technical equipment and instruction.
  • New climber information pack.
  • Complimentary use of our climbing wall after the course.
  • Complimentary refreshments.
  • 10% discount on equipment in our shop

  • Suitable for everyone; Overcome a fear of heights or challenge yourself mentally and physically.
  • Gain the skills you need to climb safely and effectively.
  • Low instructor to participant ratio ensures lots of hands on climbing experience.

This Outdoor Rock Climbing Taster is an ideal starting point for those with little or no prior experience of rock climbing. The Peak District contains some of the best and most accessible rock climbing in the UK which means our experienced instructors can always find the right location and level of challenge for you. Whether you are nervous about heights or are looking to push your mental and physical limits you will be encouraged and coached throughout the day to allow you to achieve more than you would have thought possible.

After a short session where you will learn everything you need to climb safely the rest of the day is used to provide as much hands on experience of climbing as possible. Now the focus is on increasing confidence and providing practical advice on how to climb effectively and efficiently. This course is therefore just as suitable for complete beginners who have never climbed before as it is for those who have previously climbed indoors and are looking to refresh their skills or get a taste of climbing on real rock.

Course Outcomes
  • Understand what equipment is necessary and how to use it correctly
  • Develop and practise climbing movement skills on real rock
  • Safely fit a harness and tie into a rope
  • Belay and lower effectively and safely
  • Understand climbing guide books and grading system
Course Information
After arriving at our base, The Adventure Hub, your instructor will briefly outline the objectives for the day and ensure that everyone has climbing shoes, a harness and a helmet to wear. Very quickly you will be travelling out to the climbing venue which will be chosen on the basis of weather conditions along with the experience and ambitions of the group as a whole. The vast majority of venues that we use are around a 15 minute drive from our office. Once you have arrived you can expect to walk for between 5 and 15 minutes to arrive at the climbing itself. 
Initially the focus is on safety and you will learn about fitting your harness, tying into a rope and using a belay plate to protect a climb. These skills will continue to be refined throughout the day but the main focus quickly shifts onto climbing effectively and efficiently. The Peak District is known around the world for the quality and variety of the climbing available so we can always find routes to provide the right level of challenge no matter who you are and what you are hoping to achieve.
After a quick stop to eat your packed lunch (not provided) we will continue to work on climbing technique but will also talk about other related subjects such as how to use guidebooks, selecting climbing shoes of your own, environmental impact, ethics and etiquette.  At the end of the day we return to The Adventure Hub for a coffee and a debrief, this is your opportunity to discuss your progress so far as well as think about how you could take your climbing adventure further.
We can provide all the required equipment including climbing shoes but if you already have your own then feel free to bring them along.
Start time: 09:30 - Finish time: 16:30. Please note, these times are approximate and could be subject to minor changes. Please leave plenty of time when booking public transport.
This course is a non-residential course, so we do not provide any accommodation. However there are many amazing places to stay locally. Take a look at our accommodation guide in the info section for more information.
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Our instructors can be booked privately to deliver this course. Benefit from private tuition, pick a date that suits you and your instructor can design the day to suit your needs. You can hire one of our instructors from just £199 per day. Click here to book a private course.