Learn to Lead Climb Multi Pitch Course

Gain the skills you need to move onto multi pitch routes with confidence.


Whether it's on sheer granite faces, rambling mountain crags or spray washed sea cliffs, multi pitch routes take on vast swathes of rock. Using the skills you already have from single pitch climbing we can show you how to go further and higher than you have ever dared before. Are you ready for your adventures to get a whole lot bigger?

Learn to Lead Climb Multi Pitch Course

Location : North Wales

Duration : 2 Days

Ratio : 1:2

Minimum age : 18

What's Included :
  • Expert tuition and coaching
  • All technical equipment as required
  • 5% discount on equipment in our online shop
  • 5% of sales go to The Pure Outdoor Foundation

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  • Gain the skills you need to tackle multi pitch routes with confidence
  • Low instructor to participant ratio (1:2) ensures lots of climbing and skill progression
  • Open a world of new climbing opportunities

Course Overview

The progression from leading single pitch routes to bigger multi pitch challenges can be intimidating, this course aims to give you the skills and knowledge you need to make the transition with confidence. Building on the skills you already possess as a lead climber you will develop an understanding of belay stances and rope management in a multi pitch environment. You will also begin to develop strategies for safely descending that are not generally necessary on single pitch routes.

By keeping the participant to instructor ratio low we can maximise the climbing and ensure that you get the chance to develop and refine your skills in this challenging new environment. At the end of the two days you will have a new found confidence to attempt some of the longer climbs that can be found in the UK and around the world.

We run this course on demand on a date to suit you for 1 or 2 participants per instructor. Pricing depends on group size and your aspirations, please contact us for a quote and full details.

Course Outcomes

  • Effective multi-pitch anchor systems
  • Multi-pitch stance management techniques
  • Basic self-rescue methods
  • Efficient methods for multiple abseil descents
  • Route reading and mental preparation for multi-pitch climbs

Course Information


9:30 - 16:30

Both days of the course follow a similar overall structure. Initially you will meet us at the Siabod Cafe, where your instructor will briefly discuss the objectives for the day with you. After ensuring that everyone has the necessary equipment you will very quickly be heading out to the venue that has been chosen based on the weather and the groups aims.

Most of the venues that we use are approximately 15 -20 minutes drive and when you arrive you can expect to walk for between 5 and 25 minutes to reach the rock itself.

While the exact order of teaching is based on your previous experience and ambitions a typical course will proceed something like this: Initially the focus is on refreshing and refining the skills associated with leading a traditionally protected climb including placement of gear on the lead and building safe and effective belay stances. Quite quickly you will move onto how anchor systems can be adapted to make them more appropriate to a multi-pitch environment. Factors such as rope management in different scenarios, for example a single lead climber vs alternating leads, along with safety when leaving a stance and ability to retreat when necessary will be considered. The ability to descend a route safely is often a major concern when attempting multi-pitch routes so you will also look at some basic problem solving techniques, self-protected abseils and efficient methods for linking multiple abseils together when it is necessary. Throughout all of this you will continue to work on the placement of gear while leading and the mental strategies that will help you move higher than you have ever been before. By the end of the two days you will feel confident that you have the knowledge and skills that you need to tackle some of the taller challenges that are available to you in the UK and worldwide.

At the end of the day you will return to Siabod cafe for refreshments and debrief where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and decide on what your priorities should be for continued improvement.

  • We can provide all technical equipment necessary. Due to the nature of the course we would expect most participants to own most of the required equipment already, you are welcome to bring this along.
  • Clothing suited to the weather (waterproofs, warm tops, etc )
  • Good comfortable footwear for walking to the crag
  • A good supply of snacks and a drink
  • Sun cream, hat and sunglasses (you just never know!)

You should be a competent leader of single pitch routes. This could have been achieved independently or by attending our Learn to Lead Climb Course.

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  • We encourage car sharing and the use of Public Transport wherever feasible.
  • We offer free camping kit for guests looking to cut down on luggage.
  • Our staff are trained to prolong the life of equipment used on this course, where it is possible to recycle equipment at the end of its life, we do so appropriately.
  • We operate in small teams at low ratios to reduce our impact on the venues we use and other countryside users.
  • We donate 5% of the value of all sales to The Pure Outdoor Foundation.

  • The physical and mental benefits of outdoor activities are numerous and well documented, we firmly believe that those benefits should be available to as many people as possible.

  • If you are interested in experiencing any of our activities but feel unable to do so then please contact us to discuss your specific needs, we will always try to find a solution that works for you.

  • There are a range of simple adaptions we can make to our scheduled courses such as choosing venues with minimal walking or easy access to toilet facilities, providing cold storage facilities for temperature sensitive medications, allowing additional time or arranging for participants to be accompanied by a trusted aide.

  • When participation as part of an open group isn't appropriate we can arrange private tuition. This allows for a more tailored approach and a much wider range of adaptions such as assisted climbing and abseiling techniques for participants with significant physical or mobility issues.

  • If private tuition is unaffordable then we can sometimes offer subsidised places to bring the price back in line with our scheduled courses .These are provided by the Pure Outdoor Foundation whose goal is to bring as many people as possible into the outdoors, please enquire about availability.

  • Clear communication before the activity is crucial so, as well as telephone and email conversations, we can also arrange to meet participants directly at a venue days or weeks beforehand to identify any specific barriers and begin addressing any anxieties.


Start time: 09:30 - Finish time: 16:30. Please note, these times are approximate and could be subject to minor changes. Please leave plenty of time when booking public transport.
This course is a non-residential course, so we do not provide any accommodation. However there are many amazing places to stay locally. Take a look at our accommodation guide in the info section for more information.

Anyone aged 13 or over can attend any of our scheduled courses with the exception of Mountain Biking and Winter Skills where the minimum age is 18 unless accompanied by a parent.

We hold an AALA license and are able to take out children who are younger than 13, however we only offer this on a private guided basis. See our private guiding rates, as this can work out very competitive, especially when booking as a family. There is no maximum age, if you feel young enough to attend then you are very welcome!

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