The Pure Outdoor Foundation

We're building an environmental charity built to inspire and educate.


By stepping out into the Peak District National Park, it’s possible to experience our precious environment up close. Our purpose is to help protect the environment by enabling people to experience the natural world, leaving them caring about where they’ve been and wanting to take steps to protect it.


Pure Outdoor and The Pure Outdoor Foundation are two entities in their own right. The Pure Outdoor Pledge will initially be the main channel for funding. A grant application system will be made available on The Pure Outdoor Foundation platform and will be advertised on the Pure Outdoor website alongside other online outdoor publications and grant listings.


Courses available will be limited to entry level courses that have the highest impact on participants new to the outdoors.


The amount of grant awarded will depend on the application criteria and judged by the trustee working group, who will form a criteria for judging applications and issuing grants.


Specific projects, reviewed annually, will be the main focus of any fundraising activities. All fundraising activities will be targeted to any of the projects at any given time. All projects will link back to the mission statement of the charity. 


Our Charitable Purpose:


"To promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment throughout the UK by enabling people of all backgrounds to learn about the natural world."


Charity Number:


Application in processing


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We're eager to get going, but we're just putting the dots on the i's and crossing the t's and we'll be launching the Pure Outdoor Foundation website soon!


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