Adventure Caving Weekend (Vertical)

2 Day Peak District Adventure (Vertical) Caving Course


A true adventure for experienced or keen beginner cavers. Head deeper underground exploring, abseiling, traversing and climbing in some of the Peak District's finest vertical caves. Learn the techniques for safe and efficient vertical caving in some of the most impressive and exciting cave systems in the UK.

Adventure Caving Weekend (Vertical)

Price : £195.00 per person

Location : Peak District

Duration : 2 Days

Ratio : 1:6

Minimum age : 13

What's Included :
  • All technical equipment helmet, head torch and over-suit 
  • Free parking
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • 5% discount on equipment in our shop

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  • Explore deeper cave and mine systems using our specialist ladder and safety line techniques
  • Discover fascinating natural and man made scenes that few people ever see
  • A true adventure under the hills of Derbyshire

Course Overview

A true underground challenge; adventure caving combined with the exhilaration of underground abseils and ladder climbing! This is a step beyond the beginner caving experience; using specialist ladders and safety line techniques we will delve deeper and go further to explore the fascinating local cave and mine systems. Over the course of the weekend you will have the opportunity to explore several different cave systems.

Descend into the cave using abseils and traverses along high ledges then, after exploring the heart of the cave, return to the surface, climbing our roll up caving ladders. On all ascents and descents you will have a safety line attached to you, helping you up and keeping you safe. With a motivated team you can reach the deepest parts of the Peak district.

Please note that this is not a typical 'outdoor centre' guided day but a full-adventure. You will get wet, it will be dark and you do need to have a good level of fitness.


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Course Outcomes

  • Develop caving skills for vertical cave and mine systems
  • Learn essential skills to plan a safe and enjoyable caving trip
  • Learn about personal caving equipment and how to use it correctly
  • Understand caving guidebooks, surveys and grading systems
  • Develop safe and efficient movement and navigation skills
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of the underground environment

Course Information


DAY ONE: 9:30 - 16:30

Get ready to have an exhilarating adventure descending, traversing and climbing in some of the classic caves of the Peak District.


Your instructor will welcome you and discuss the aims of the course and your own aspirations over a great cup of fresh Italian coffee or tea. You'll then head in to our climbing wall for an introduction to the safety equipment and techniques needed for vertical caving.


You will be provided with an over-suit, wellington boots, helmet, knee pads and all safety equipment for vertical caving. All you need do is check your food and drink for the day, pack a change of clothes and your towel.


The exact locations will depend on the weather and the aims and abilities of the group. Typically this is a 15 minute drive from The Adventure Hub. Some Peak District caves charge a modest trespass fee of up £3 payable at the venue.


Once kitted up we'll pack and distribute safety equipment ready to head underground. Your instructor will brief you on general safety and the specifics of each cave to be visited. In addition to surveys and guidebooks, we’ll look at rigging guides for vertical sections. Once in the cave we’ll focus on safe and efficient travel, building skills ahead of day 2.

Once back on the surface and in fresh socks we will return to The Adventure Hub. Over coffee we'll review the key learning points from the day's adventure and prepare for day 2.

DAY TWO 9:30-16:30


On day 2 we aim to build upon the first day and broaden your experience with longer vertical sections and the introduction of abseiling. Expect to be more involved in the planning of the trip, from checking the weather and guidebooks to checking and packing safety equipment. We'll aim to complete either two more challenging trips or a single longer trip of up to 5 hours duration including a picnic underground!

Once back at the Adventure Hub you'll review the weekend’s adventures over hot drinks and discuss progression opportunities. Hopefully you will back for more soon!

We provide the over-suit, boots, knee pads, harness, helmet and head torch.... you bring the rest!

Please bring some spare change as some of the caves we use require a trespass fee of approximately £3 per person which is not included in the price. Bring a change of clothes and a towel in case you get soaked! As you can probably imagine caves and mines can be hostile environments, they are often wet and have an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius all year round. To protect ourselves from this and help us enjoy the experience underground each person will need to provide themselves with the following minimal personal clothing, to be worn underneath the specialist caving equipment:

One or two warm/fleece tops
Synthetic (non cotton) trouser - Synthetic track suit bottoms / thermals will suffice
Warm base layer
Thick warm socks
 Warm hat

Please do not wear cotton tops or bottoms (inc jeans) as the material stays cold and heavy when wet. Don't forget you'll also need a change of clothes and possibly a towel after the session.

A good level of fitness as this is a strenuous weekend underground.

  • As a Certified B Corp, we’re one of a growing number of global businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.
  • Our well-equipped training centre, The Adventure Hub, is Carbon Neutral.
  • We encourage car sharing wherever feasible.
  • We encourage the use of public transport on all our courses. Bamford Railway Station is 5 minutes' walk and we enjoy direct bus connections to Sheffield and nearby villages.
  • We offer free camping kit for guests staying locally and looking to cut down on luggage.
  • Our staff are trained to prolong the life of equipment used on this course, where it is possible to recycle equipment at the end of its life, we do so appropriately.
  • We operate in small teams at low ratios to reduce our impact on the venues we use and other countryside users.
  • We donate 5% of the value of all sales to The Pure Outdoor Foundation.

  • The physical and mental benefits of outdoor activities are numerous and well documented, we firmly believe that those benefits should be available to as many people as possible.

  • If you are interested in experiencing any of our activities but feel unable to do so then please contact us to discuss your specific needs, we will always try to find a solution that works for you.

  • There are a range of simple adaptions we can make to our scheduled courses such as choosing venues with minimal walking or easy access to toilet facilities, providing cold storage facilities for temperature sensitive medications, allowing additional time or arranging for participants to be accompanied by a trusted aide.

  • When participation as part of an open group isn't appropriate we can arrange private tuition. This allows for a more tailored approach and a much wider range of adaptions such as assisted climbing and abseiling techniques for participants with significant physical or mobility issues.

  • If private tuition is unaffordable then we can sometimes offer subsidised places to bring the price back in line with our scheduled courses .These are provided by the Pure Outdoor Foundation whose goal is to bring as many people as possible into the outdoors, please enquire about availability.

  • Clear communication before the activity is crucial so, as well as telephone and email conversations, we can also arrange to meet participants directly at a venue days or weeks beforehand to identify any specific barriers and begin addressing any anxieties.


Start time: 09:30 - Finish time: . Please note, these times are approximate and could be subject to minor changes. Please leave plenty of time when booking public transport.

Anyone aged 13 or over can attend any of our scheduled courses with the exception of Mountain Biking and Winter Skills where the minimum age is 18 unless accompanied by a parent.

We hold an AALA license and are able to take out children who are younger than 13, however we only offer this on a private guided basis. See our private guiding rates, as this can work out very competitive, especially when booking as a family. There is no maximum age, if you feel young enough to attend then you are very welcome!

Bookings can be made online or over the phone. All of our courses can be booked in 3 ways:

a) Attend a scheduled course. 

These are open to the public to anyone that meets the pre-requisites. We often advertise many dates for each course, we generally always list 12 months of available dates. This is the most popular and often works out the most cost-effective way of attending our courses.

b) Add a date to our schedule. 

On some courses, we can add extra dates to our schedule, providing you are booking for a certain minimum number of participants, this could be as low as only 2 people. To give us plenty of time to assign staff to your course, you can only add a date to the schedule if it is more than 7 days in advance.

c) Make a private booking.

All of our courses can be booked privately, with a private instructor just for you or your group. This gives you the flexibility to book any date that suits you and also it means the instructor can fine-tune the course content to suit your aspirations. To make a private booking, you just need to fill out a booking request, we will then get back to you with availability and a price. 

d) Book our premium 'Private Booking Plus+' service.

All the benefits of the private booking service, with lots of additional extras including meet & greet at your hotel, luxury picnic hamper including Champagne, digital photo pack, flexible booking arrangements and a pre-activity consultancy to allow your first-class instructor extra time to design your special day. To make a private booking plus+ booking, you just need to fill our a booking request, we will then get back to you with availability and a price. 

Our instructors can be booked privately to deliver this course. Benefit from private tuition, pick a date that suits you and your instructor can design the day to suit your needs. You can hire one of our instructors from just £240 inc vat per day. (Click here to book a private course)