Outdoor Bouldering Course

Price: £79.00 Per Person (inc VAT)

Location: Peak District

Duration: 1 Day

Ratio: 1:6

Availability: There are places remaining on this course


9.30am: Meet at Training Centre

There is an opportunity to grab a quick drink will we make sure everyone has the equipment that we need for the day. After a brief chat about previous experience and any particular aims for the day our instructor will choose an appropriate venue.


10am: Go Bouldering

Load up our vehicle for the day with as many bouldering mats as we can squeeze in and then head out. Our position in the peak district means that we will spend a maximum of 30 minutes driving to reach our destination, although 15 minutes is more typical. A few of the venues we use are a 15-20 minute walk from the parking area so please bring some decent trainers or walking boots.


On arrival at our destination we will select some straightforward boulder problems to warm up on and use them to talk through and demonstrate mat placement and spotting techniques. These vital safety skills will continue to be refined throughout the day as different boulders present different challenges.

Once everyone is operating safely the focus shifts to concentrate on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our movement on the rock. Expect lots of suggestions and encouragement from your instructor as you learn through hands on experience what works best for you.


12.30pm (ish): Lunch

How long (or even if!) we stop for lunch will be decided by the group but it is not uncommon to use a lunch break as an opportunity to move to a different venue. Bouldering is a very strenuous activity and many groups feel that a slightly longer break coupled with experience of an additional bouldering area is a worthwhile use of time.


1pm: Keep bouldering!

By the afternoon we will have discussed grading and guidebooks and the group will be selecting some of the problems they wish to try themselves. We will use the time to squeeze in as much climbing as we can, constantly looking at how we can improve further.


4 - 4.30pm: Debrief

After arriving back at the office there is time for another cup of tea and a chat about what has been achieved as well as the opportunity to pick your instructors brains about where to go from here.

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