Improvers Caving Skills Course

Price: £189.00 Per Person (inc VAT)

Location: Peak District

Duration: 2 Days

Ratio: 1:6

Availability: There are places remaining on this course



A true underground challenge and adventure caving combined with the exhilaration of underground abseils and ladder climbing! 


So whats the progression? This is a step beyond the beginner caving experience, we will delve deeper and go further, more ladders and longer abseils - the intermediate caving day is a great challenge. 

Explore deeper cave and mine systems, using our specialist ladder and safety line techniques. You won’t need any additional training courses to take part, just a bit of fitness and determination. 

Descend into the cave using abseils and traverses along high ledges, then after exploring the heart of the cave, return to the surface, climbing our roll up caving ladders. On all ascents and descents, you will have with a safety line attached to you, helping you up and keeping you safe. With a motivated team you can reach the deepest parts of the Peak district. A day you will remember forever. 

These trips have horizontal sections so you can explore the cave environment on foot as well. They contain all the fascinating information and anecdotes that are in non-vertical trips. 

This provides a combination of both horizontal and vertical caving and is a progression from the Beginner Horizontal or Vertical course.


Please note that this is not a typical 'outdoor centre' guided day but a full-adventure. You will get wet, it will be dark and you do need to have a good level of fitness.



A good level of fitness as this is a strenuous day underground. We also suggest you try out the Horizontal Caving Course as a more steady introduction


Equipment Required:

We provide the over-suit, boots, knee pads, harness, helmet and head torch.... you bring the rest! Please bring some spare change as some of the caves we use require a trespass fee of approximately £3 per person which is not included in the price. Bring a change of clothes and a towel incase you get soaked!

As you can probably imagine Caves and Mines can be hostile environments, with an average temperature of 10 degrees celcius all year and often wet and drafty. To protect ourselves from this and help us enjoy the experience underground each person will need to provide themselves with the following minimal personal clothing, to be worn underneath the specialist caving equipment:

Please do not wear cotton tops or bottoms as the material stays cold and heavy when wet.

Don't forget you'll also need a change of clothes and possibly a towel after the session. Remember dress warm.


All safety equipment required for the trip and general technical gear, such as emergency kits, safety ropes, ladders, anchors etc. is supplied by us.

As caving is a physically demanding activity it is advisable that everybody eat a hearty breakfast before and provide themselves with food for the underground trip i.e. chocolate or flapjack, and small energy drink. Sandwiches and crisps etc. do not travel well underground. You may wish to bring a hot flask and nibbles for afterwards.


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Peak District Course Information:
Minimum Age

With a few exceptions, participants aged 13+ can attend our scheduled courses independently. We offer family days out for kids age 6+, private courses to kids groups from age 9+ and scheduled courses just for ages 12-17. All participants under the age of 18 must bring a completed 'Parental Consent Form' that can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

As our instructors and staff are often out on the hill or underground delivering courses, we have put together a detailed FAQ to help you with your queries. Click here to go to the FAQ.

London Train Connection

If necessary it is possible to travel up to the course on a weekend by getting an early train on Saturday morning - more info on our FAQ.

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