Improvers Outdoor Rock Climbing Course

Price: £189.00 Per Person (inc VAT)

Location: Peak District

Duration: 2 Days

Ratio: 1:4

Availability: There are places remaining on this course


Our low instructor to participant ratio means that the actual structure of this course depends on the experience and aims of each particular group. However a typical course will progress something like this:


Day 1


9.30am: Meet at Training Centre

There is an opportunity to grab a quick drink while we ensure that everyone has all the equipment that they will need for the day. This is also when you can hire rock shoes if you require them for £3 per person per day.


10am: Go Climbing

Depending on weather conditions and group experience we select a local crag, load up the Pure Outdoor minibus and go for it! Our position in the peak district means that we will spend a maximum of 30 minutes driving to reach our destination, although 15 minutes is more typical. A few of the venues we use are a 15-20 minute walk from the parking area so please bring some decent trainers or walking boots.


We will generally begin with introducing the skills required to be a competent ‘second’, your instructor will select a suitable climb and ‘lead’ climb it, placing all the necessary protection on their way up. Once your instructor has reached the top you will climb the route retrieving all the equipment as you go. This is an excellent way to learn how climbing gear works and begin to make judgements on what makes an effective piece of protection.


1pm (ish): Lunch

Lunch will be out at the crag so make sure you bring a packed lunch. How long (or even if!) you stop for lunch will be up to the group but it gives a chance to discuss what has already been achieved and what each individual’s focus for the afternoon should be.


The afternoon session will focus on creating safe and effective climbing anchors. By applying the gear placement skills you began to look at in the morning, along with some additional ropework, you will learn everything you need to know to lower a rope to a climber and safely belay them to the top of the crag.


4 - 4.30pm: Debrief   

Depending on where we went climbing, we usually head back to the Training Centre for a cup of tea and the opportunity to talk over what has been achieved and what the aims for tomorrow should be.



Day 2


9.30am: Meet at Training Centre

Decide on the venue for today’s climbing; we will generally aim to use a different venue each day to provide an experience of how climbing styles can vary depending on rock type and how it has weathered.


10am: Go Climbing

Now is the opportunity to practise all the skills that you learned yesterday. In discussion with your instructor you will choose a variety of routes to climb and will use the appropriate gear to build an anchor at the top of the crag. This is where your instructor can help you gain valuable experience as each climb provides you with a different set of challenges.


1pm (ish): Lunch.

Again as long or as short as you like but don’t forget a packed lunch!


The afternoon gives you the chance to operate as a self-sufficient climber. You will use the guidebook and the experience you have gained so far to select a route, choose the appropriate climbing equipment, build a safe and effective anchor and finally belay a climber from the bottom to the top of the crag. Your instructor will be close at hand to ensure your safety and answer any questions you may have but by the end of the day you should feel confident that you can work independently. Everyone will have the opportunity to create several anchors and climb several routes.


4 - 4.30pm: Debrief   

Head back to the Training Centre for a final chat about what has been achieved over the two days and how to progress from here. Your instructor will make suggestions about what equipment you may want to invest in and also suggest venues that are suitable for your first few independent trips out. Welcome to a world of new opportunities!

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