Advanced Navigation Course | Gold NNAS Training

Price: £189.00 Per Person (inc VAT)

Location: Peak District

Duration: 2 Days

Ratio: 1:4

Availability: There are places remaining on this course


Day 1


The key aim of day one is to give you experience of navigating at night as such the start time of the course varies throughout the year but will be confirmed with you during our pre-course communications.


1pm: Meet at Training Centre

As soon as everyone has arrived and had the opportunity to grab a coffee we will begin with a brief theory session in our training centre. During the session your instructor will quickly recap the skills that you should already be familiar with before outlining the route for today. After gathering together your gear we will drive out to the start of our walk. Our location in the peak district means we never need to travel far to find a suitable location so expect to spend about 15 minutes in the car.


2pm: Start Navigating

The start time of the course will have been planned to allow for a couple of hours of walking before the sun goes down. This will let us practise a range of skills and identify areas for improvement as we move into progressively more challenging terrain. As it gets dark expect to use a range of compass techniques and contour features as we work on the strategies that will allow you to navigate effectively in conditions of poor visibility. At all times your instructor will be on hand to provide advice and reassurance as your confidence in your own ability increases. Eventually your route will take you back down off the hill and back to our training centre.


7.30pm: Debrief

A welcome cup of tea and an opportunity to review what you have learned today and discuss what happens next, this will probably include giving you a general location for tomorrows walk and asking you to plan a suitable route. Homework is not mandatory but it does help us make the most of our time on day two if you already have  a clear idea about where you would like to go.


Day 2


9am: Meet at Training Centre

Straight to work with finishing the planning for today’s walk! Your instructor will help you finalise your plans for the day ensuring it gives plenty of opportunity to challenge and extend the skills we have been working on.  


10am: Get ready to go walking!

You will almost certainly be visiting a new area today so you can expect a short drive, typically around 15 minutes, to your starting point.


10.30am: Start Navigating

Now is the time to test your plan against reality! Your instructor will be on hand to make sure you get the most out of the day by offering advice and tips where necessary but also giving you the freedom to make your own decisions. By the end of the day you will feel more confidence in your ability to navigate through the hills no matter what challenges the landscape and conditions throw at you.


3.30: Head back to the Training Centre

Guide your instructor back to your start point and jump in the minibus back to the centre.


4 - 4.30: Debrief

Over a final cup of coffee your instructor will recap what has been achieved, give a few pointers about how to make further improvements, answer any questions you may have and discuss the possibility of attending a Gold NNAS assessment day.


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