Beginner Navigation Course | Bronze NNAS

Price: £149.00 Per Person (inc VAT)

Location: Peak District

Duration: 2 Days

Ratio: 1:8

Availability: There are places remaining on this course


Day 1


9.30 am: Meet at Training Centre

As soon as everyone has arrived and had the opportunity to grab a coffee we will begin with a brief theory session in our training centre. During the session your instructor will introduce the navigation strategy that you will be using for the rest of the course along with some specific information about maps and compasses. The theory session ensures that everyone has the background knowledge necessary to fully participate in and understand the practical exercises throughout the rest of the day.


10.15am: Get ready to go walking!

Depending on the weather conditions and the previous experience of the group your instructor will decide on an appropriate location. We are lucky enough to have several routes that start from our training centre but on some occasions we may decide to drive to a different area. If this is the case it will typically mean no more than 15 minutes drive time.


10.30am: Start Navigating

From the moment your walk begins your instructor will begin to explain how to use the idea of a navigation strategy to successfully negotiate each section of your route. Skills will be introduced and practised steadily throughout the day. During the morning expect to focus on map orientation, accurate measurement of distance from the map, using timing to measure distances walked and recognising which features will make useful check offs and overshoots.


1pm (ish): Lunch

You will be eating lunch out on the hill so don’t forget your packed lunch. This is a good opportunity to practise new found contour recognition skills.


During the afternoon we will have the opportunity to move away from footpaths and onto more open moorland. Now your instructor will introduce you to taking and walking along bearings as well as using pacing to measure distances. Towards the end of the day you will typically be presented with a group challenge of navigating to a reasonable small target that cannot be accessed directly from a footpath. This will give you the opportunity to use a variety of the skills you have learned in a real world situation.


3.30pm: Head back to Training Centre

As we begin to turn homewards you will have the opportunity for one last practise of anything you feel slightly less confident about. Alternatively just enjoy the countryside and the company!

4 - 4.30pm: Debrief

An opportunity to review what you have learned today and discuss what will happen tomorrow.


Day 2


9am: Meet at Training Centre

Straight to work with planning today’s walk! Your instructor will guide you through the process of using all the skills you learned on day one to plan a walk for the whole day. As this course is working towards the Bronze NNAS syllabus the walk will be mostly on paths but that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally venture into more open countryside.


10.15am: Get ready to go walking!

You will almost certainly be visiting a new area today so you can expect a short drive, typically around 15 minutes, to your starting point.


10.30am: Start Navigating

Each member of the group will be given the opportunity to lead several sections of the walk that you have planned for the day. In the background your instructor will be quietly noting down the skills you are demonstrating and ensuring you have completed the syllabus. Don’t worry about the assessment though, it is very informal and friendly and your instructor will always answer your questions and give you reassurance when you need it.


Although many people initially express concern about being assessed the vast majority find the experience of being responsible for the group greatly improves their confidence in their own ability to navigate.


1am: Lunch

Don’t forget your packed lunch as we will be out on the hill! It is not unusual for the instructor to have seen you demonstrate all of the necessary skills by lunchtime.


The afternoon is spent on giving you more practise of your new found skills in realistic situations as well as the opportunity to introduce further refinements such as following bearings in poor visibility and navigating around obstacles.


3.30: Head back to the Training Centre

Guide your instructor back to your start point and jump in the minibus back to the centre.


4 - 4.30: Debrief

Over a final cup of coffee your instructor will recap what has been achieved, give a few pointers about how to make further improvements, answer any questions you may have and suggest areas you might like to visit in the future.

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